Your favourite Marvel Universe on One Screen- Avengers – Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War is finally here, and many Marvel fans have waited a decade to see this
story come to fruition. Featuring nearly every character in the entire cinematic universe, this movie sees a
huge roster of superheroes attempting to stop the wrath of the evil villain Thanos. Thanos has one goal;
to wipe out half of existence. Splitting up into different groups, the movie spreads characters across a few
different story threads, eventually weaving them into a narrative climax that has incredible implications
for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like most Marvel films, the action is entertaining and engrossing. Directors Joe and Anthony
Russo do a great job displaying epic battles and humongous stand out moments. Additionally, the story
handles the excessive amount of characters quite well. Although the film can feel disjointed at first, it
eventually settles into a good rhythm, giving audiences a good mix of drama, action, and effective
storytelling. Since the movie jumps quickly between different characters and locations, it can be hard to
keep track of everything. Even though the film is well over 2 hours long, the story felt a bit too complex
at times. Most characters get a fair chance to shine in the spotlight, but besides a decent handful of key
players, some characters are only in a few scenes. Ultimately, the narrative justifies itself, giving us one
of the most unexpected finales in superhero film history.
If you’re a fan of Marvel films, you should definitely check out Infinity War. Although the
pacing can be a bit rough at times, and some may dislike how the story turns out, it’s a solid achievement.
It was impressive to see so many characters fighting together, highlighting the strengths and powers of
each other. As an event, Infinity War will surely have people talking. This movie marks a big change in
the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I greatly enjoyed its unpredictable nature. It falters every now and
then, but in the end, Infinity War is a lengthy but riveting superhero.

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